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8. Reflection/Tuning In

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

May 28, 2019

I'm finding it really refreshing to go back and re-read the literature reviews that helped me shape my ideas on doing this creative experiment. The words and ideas have more meaning. During my reflection process I was thinking on my readings but began to notice this little voice as if there was a conversation going on. My readings, creative process and reflective thinking are shining a light on my own voice because of my experiences and the connections I am making. The ideas and concepts of the authors are still there but my own voice is coming through more now. Not just about my research but about my life.

I've been spending some time reading about being still when you have to keep going by David Kundtz (1998). He discussed Stopping and the three levels of it being Stillpoints, Stopovers & Grinding Halts. The ideas here are creating enough space in your days to allow blank spaces between life events. Paying attention to the quiet times.

The three levels happen during different moments of your life. Stillpoints are quick and can be done multiple times a day where it is just a brief moment. Taking deep breaths like meditation is an example. Stopovers are a little longer and leaves a feeling like you just went on a mini-vacation. Grinding Halts are rare and happen usually during a life transition.

This week I want to include stillpoints in my daily routine but using visual imagery to record them. An exercise below helps slow things down, encourages mindfulness for these moments and helps with the reflection process.

Exercise from Observe, Collect, Draw! by Lupi and Posavec

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