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9. Experimental Data Collection

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

May 29, 2019

I started using index cards to record thoughts/feelings on the actions along with creating symbols in the moment. While it was fun, it wasn't working just right for me. I decided to get a little note book and stick small post-it notes in them so that I could later remove & add them into my journal easily. This note book helps because I can keep it in my back pocket as I go about my day.

With my focus this week I am becoming more aware of the constant chatter in my mind. I've had a lot of songs on repeat in there as well so I am writing down lyrics to merge together later into visual imagery. By tuning in to those streams you can really uncover some interesting things about yourself. Negative talk, new ideas, things to do, past/future conversations, etc. A lot of times we do this and we don't even realize it like when we are driving, showering and gardening, for example. Those with anxiety are aware of the negative aspects but those too can be transformed by artistic thinking into something creative and over time that chatter becomes full of ideas and questions.

"Understand that artistic thinking is not separate from daily life, but rather can inform and enrich every aspect of one's life" (Gude, 2007).

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