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20. Making Connections

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

July 1, 2019

While walking around gift shops at Mount St. Helens and Mesa Verde, I came across a few books that I picked up. I have always collected feathers that I find when walking and I found 13 while traveling. Looking through the book on feathers I discovered that most of the ones I found were from eagles. The other books were full of symbols from Native Americans. I was able to find some similarities in the symbols I created.

Sketch of a feather while on the road

Tracing nature from found objects at Cannon Beach Oregon. (Wood, shells, rocks and a feather)

In Looking at Indian Art of the Northwest Coast I discovered U design form examples using feathers. I experimented with the feathers that I collected.

Experimenting with U design forms of feathers

Making connections with my symbols and those found in Rock Art Symbols of the Southwest

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