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July 1, 2019

The first week of my research I began sketching spaces in my home to help form symbols. Weeks later, I looked back at one of the living room. The sketch had details in them so I broke them down into basic shapes. From that process I restructured the shapes and transformed my living space into a work of art. Inspired by Georgia O'Keefe and Agnes Martin during my research, I wanted to experiment with free-flowing, minimalist and calm, colorful approaches.

Sketch of living space from first week

Living space broken down into shapes

New ideas

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July 1, 2019

There were a few photos I shared on previous posts from my trip. I counted 1,070 photos that I took while traveling. There is a wealth of inspiration on my phone that I can revisit and be inspired by. I took a few that I posted as well as a couple more and made a collage in my journal. The conversations I would have about safety in general during our trip came to mind while collaging. I just so happened to find a safety pin and knew I wanted to incorporate it. Well, red thread was right near it so going along with my ideas of binding my journal with red thread, I added these into my collage. I also added my "happy" symbol into this work as well as flowers.

Gratitude Feels

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While reflecting on my experiences and research, I became aware that I was forming my own framework for my creative process. Below is what formed. I then made a copy of it and categorized my literature review as I was making connections to the authors concepts and ideas that helped guide me in my research.


Framework with authors categorized

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