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Globalization, Art & Education

Community Research Project

ARE 6933 Fall 2018                                                                             


Mission San Luis

Florida's Apalachee-Spanish Living Museum in Tallahassee, FL

My family and I attended an unofficial tour of Mission San Luis. I had been there years before to paint with my studio art class in college so I knew I wanted to go back and learn more about the site. The staff in the lobby are very helpful in providing resources and to answer any questions. We were greeted by interpreters dressed in colonial costumes in the council house, outside kitchen, the fort and the friary that answered questions and provided demonstrations. We are looking forward to attending the upcoming events and workshops in December. I would highly suggest taking the time to tour the site if you are in North Florida and experience its enriched culture.

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Images of Mission San Luis. Photos by Karey Mortimer.

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