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10. Becoming More Aware

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

June 3, 2019

Focusing on thoughts/feelings of the things I am doing helps me in thinking about my involvement with them. Realizing what I am doing too much or not enough gives me a new perspective on my life. Being in our daily routine becomes about what we have to get done at times and often there is little room for creativity.

In counting my actions along with thoughts and feelings with them, I was able to consciously choose the areas that I wanted more consistency. Areas of nature and creativity I made time for which I noticed affected my mood in a positive way during the more mundane actions. My thoughts are filling with more creative ideas during moments throughout the day. More creative thinking pushes out any negative thinking. I will be posting images soon of the data I counted and measured.

This week I am traveling and exploring thoughts on how stepping away from daily routine can increase artistic thinking and further develop stronger habits of living an artful lifestyle.

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