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6. Setting the tone

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

May 26, 2019

Blogging is completely new to me and the idea at first was nerve-racking. The research I am doing is to make discoveries in my life and art using images and words. I've been thinking a lot about my research questions on what I can learn about myself and surroundings, how developing an artful lifestyle will provide enrichment in my life and art and the new art making ideas that will unfold from new discoveries.

The more I look at my research questions now, the more connected I feel to them than when I first wrote them. Forming and shaping are in motion.

To set the tone for next week by being more in the moment with thoughts/feelings in my actions, I came across a FaceBook post from author Butterflies and Pebbles. I follow her journey on Instagram as well and I admire her bravery for putting herself out there. The post today instantly resonated with where I am on my research journey.

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