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5. Categorizing & Communicating

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

May 26, 2019

Lupi & Posavec suggested categorizing data into groups to simplify it and find our story. I categorized my groups into three by dividing the largest number counted by 3. The groups are Excessive, Consistent & Minimal. I then broke down the Minimal group into 3 other categories: Need More Consistency, Appropriate & Need Even Less. The third are areas that I want to decrease the amount of time spent. Appropriate data I feel satisfied with the amount of time spent and finally, the areas that I want more consistency in. Those that I want more consistency in, I want to focus on more next week when recording thoughts/emotions of my actions.

Not having creative time or exercising is not good. I am traveling soon so that area will increase along with nature. Gude (2007) did state on areas of Attentive Living that "artists feel refreshed and creatively inspired by immersing themselves in nature" (p.10). I'm looking forward to discoveries in my research when those areas will increase.

I found it helpful to make a visual chart to organize my data. Breaking them down makes it easier to process and understand. I am looking forward to connecting my thoughts & emotions next week and hopeful it will help me gain deeper meanings into my life data and story.

Communicating My Story

Note: Under Consistent, 27 says "pet feeding" but it is actually "pet's outside". Whoops.

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